Recycle Your Shawl

Sabtu, 13 November 2010

I`ve got this tutorial from this blog, very easy tutorial to bring the new style. I love that. I used pashmina and then i recovered it with simple done.

You just need
1. Shawl
2. Scissor, needle, and thread.

You also can do it with sewing machine or with hand sewing. For the tutorial of hand sewing, you can see this video

Ok, Let`s start!
First you just fold your shawl into this shape, and then stitch it and gives leftover about 10 cm. Finish!!! Just that, it`s very simple, isn`t it?

And then i wore it when i went to the gaarden near my apartment, it`s very beautiful autumn leaves!!! I gave it contrast colour between nature.

It`s looks like jacket or mini bolero, i love this style!

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kreasi kikiy mengatakan...

mending aku pake buat jilbab

Sweetie Garden mengatakan...

hehehe, iya kikiy gampang nyari baju panjang disana...disini kan susah apalagi buat musim panas....hehehe

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