Being A Good Wife: Save Your Marriage

Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

Are you happy when you decide your life turn to the new life, it`s called marriage. Yes, you will happy when you get someone special, beloved one in your life and wherever you go, you`ll always beside him. Marriage is on of sunnah rasulullah SAW.

When you getting marriage you not only getting a husband, but you get a friend, a place to share, companion best ever. But you have to do one only as a wifey. Obey your husband, and then you will enter to Jannah. But only obedience in the right path.

"No obedience in what is sinful. Obedience is only in what is right." Muslim & Bukhari

What is our achievement in islamic marriage? What is your aim after getting husband?
Really, our aim only for searching Allah blessing to entering jannah, not to show on that now you have husband, and still in your oldish habit like walking with your non mahram`s friend.

Sometimes, when you are married and you`re also working in public area, it`s when men and women inside together. How to keep your relation manner with opposite sex? Just talking with them if needed, enough. Don`t make a joyfull, joke, or even share your problem`s life to the men`s partner. It will make you feel enjoy to another man, and then after that you make an affair with your partner. Naudzubillahimin dzaliik. Please don`t follow the modern woman`s habit recently, always receive call from her partner, but the calling only for joke not for job, always getting home together. It`s forbidden in Islam. Islam keep you away from the unhappiness.

Keep contact communication with your spouse, just half hour everyday. Talking your activity last day, share your problem or just make a joke with your husband . Only half hour, but it`s meaningfull.

That`s only a little lesson about being a good wife, will continued!!!

Blue Vintage Skirt

I`ve got a cut cloth pieces in hyaku en shop (all hundred yen shop). It`s cotton smocked, very cute pattern and style. Before, i want to mix with my jeans fabric, but i think that would be so harsh to combine it. Ok, i decided to make a skirt only, then i searched another fabrics with similiar colour. I found it.

So, i put the skirt with ruffle style when got trend in 60s age, it`s look so vintage when i wore it only with knit sweater. And also i putted the inner fabric to make it thicker, quiet important in this autumn and winter. I found this beautiful autumn tree beside tsurumi river, near my apartment. I took photo`s there. Love this snaps!!!

You know, i`m still find a beautiful flower in this autumn season. It`s near library near to my apartment. So colourfull indeed, makes you wanna stay there for a while. And i took snapshot there with my artificial roses. hahahaha!!!

And, when it getting colder in the night, i think much better if i go with my coat, sweater is not enough. I think that still matched with this black sporty alaskan coat.
Yes, i think to make something beatiful just need an idea. I just spent all only 600YEN (about 6 US$) include lace ribbon also.

Indonesian Trend Moslem Fashion 2010

Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

I feel i wanna back to Indonesia after i saw that catalogue by online. Its happening now in indonesia, there`s vintage style fashion by Tuneeca. And also i love the theme that they show, My Fair Lady. You must be know that film, was popular in 1964, musical drama in america. It`s really romantical movie. 

Can you similiar it? Between Tuneeca fashion and the original style. Yes, maybe it`s not so similiar, because moslem woman have to cover her all body and also not tight and transparant. But, i love Tuneeca designer who make muslimah more stylish to be. Tuneeca always made different design every 3 months, first time i saw it middle east theme, east meet west theme, and now is vintage theme....So lovely, isn`t it?

And also vintage theme by Tuneeca before, i forgot what was happened,  but it seems this year.
But, now there`s so many indonesian fashion produce muslimah cloth looks so vintage. You feel wanna come to Indonesia? 

Good endavours Tuneeca!

Picture taken from Tuneeca

Forgive me Allah

Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010

Allah, I`m always praise to you in the night and in the day.
When before i sleep in my room, i`m always sad, because im not granted to enter Jannah. How fortune Rasulullah and Sahabat can be granted by You.

But, now im realize. That my life only spend not for Islam, still enjoying my useless joyfull. Rasulullah made da`wah till the end of his life, and I? I just a girl. But, now im understand what should i do.

Then I opened my all book at my shelf. I found my self back, my soul back and i loves islam well when i was young. Now I want my life back. I feel like want spread Islam all over the world with this blog. And also with my passion in art and fashion. I`m sure i can change my life with islam.

Now my aim only for Allah, I feel so powerfull when i thankfull to you for my life, for my family, for my everything. I don`t care anymore with people around me talk about. I just feel safe and calm with you, Allah.

How fortune the roses in the garden, they can be a flower in Jannah...Then I???
Forgive me Allah.

Vintage And Fur

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Fur is Elegant! I think that sentence is right, when a lady while walking around with fur scarf or coat, what do you think, GLAMOUR...

My first impression is all fur in my accesories, but i tried it one by one to make it. First time, after i saw this picture from, and one of the lady catched my eyes. That's Glam!! The elegant one for me is the milky brown with fur around her neck and arm. Oh, really impressive!!!

And then, i made something around my neck. It's also usefull when fall and cold weather like here. I just bought a fur yarn, and then i crocheted with hook. I made it for 1 week, that's too long for mini scarf i've made. I was too lazy, so it took so much times to did. I don't know why, recently getting lazy, because chill arround me, don't know :)

Looks my vintage fur scarf detail, with vintage style brooch also. That's why i called fur is so elegant to wear, being a lady is one factor this is made! hehehe :p

And then, i combined it with not so long coat. It's just under waist coat, so i think that's not vintage style. Can you see the picture above? Vintage coat, almost underknees coat. And has a violin style, so it's lady style. I think this is due to japanese style. hehhehehe :D
Whatever, now i've got my fur scarf!

Vintage Hijabi

Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010

Hi, gals...sunshine still spread in my home today, but finally not really so hot, because it's autumn. Today, i wanna share about fashion...sometimes i'm always think to make design about vintage hijabi. As you know, vintage girl not use hijab. But sometimes, vintage actress also using headscarf when 1960s trend. Like this :

Sophia Loren in Headscarf

And then, what is famous in vintage fashion? Yes, as you can see the picture's bouncing skirt. You, know, i'm really love to wear bouncing skirt. Because it's cute finish and you look so romantic person. I feel like really i'm the woman when i use skirt.  Skirt is my life, and i'm really loves with skirt everywhere. 

Finally i could find vintage hijabi, this is designed by Merry Pramono. One of muslimah designer in Indonesia. I'm really loves her style. She has great idea to mix batik (Indonesian traditional cloth) with vintage style. It's new inspiration, Good Job, Merry!!!

And then, finally i use my mind to make something design to be vintage fashion. I'm not designer, don't think it, Please. But i just really fulfill my time with crafting, painting, and design my stuffs myself. I tried to make 1960s fashion. So, it's not so bouncing skirt.  But, i added the lace umbrella to make it real andyou will feel back to vintage age. Tell me how about my design?