Be the Most Beautiful Woman!

Kamis, 04 November 2010

When you`re a wife, what is the most wanted in your life after? I`m sure, you must be want to be the loved one only by your husband, the most beautiful woman in his life ever. I think that`s normal. Each wife has a way to reach it. For me, im really want the one only in my husband`s life. Some wife reach it with spend much money to increase their beauty, losing they weight even by surgery, oh, No!

The almost importance become your husband loved one is :
  1.  Obey him, but only on the right way. No sin included. 
  2.  Has a skill to make your husband love you like cooking, make up, or dress up.
  3.  The most importance is obey Allah and Rasulullah
Im also still learning become a good wife. So i share it to you all. From another experience by another moslema, they have same view with me also.


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kreasi kikiy mengatakan...

someday...i will
insya Alloh
*nunggu pangeran njemput :P

Sweetie Garden mengatakan...


griya hobi fitriaa mengatakan...

saya suka postingannya mba nurul. thx. become a good wife bagi saya adalah suatu keharusan ^.^
SEMANGAT untuk menjadi good wife ..

Sweetie Garden mengatakan...

semangat ^.~

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