Give Me Uterus Once More

Kamis, 11 November 2010

This is an inspirational story i took that from Indonesian Moslema`s Magazine, UMMI. It`s recommended to read, that Allah has a Power to make a will.

What happens when women are forced to lose her uterus? This bitter truth of my own experience. Obstetricians decided to lift my uterus because of myoma are nesting in it. I was immediately swayed, suddenly dazed mind. I could not imagine will lose my crown at the age of 29 years.

 Until one day, God made me realize through the tsunami disaster in Aceh in December 2004. I was shocked to see a ship weighing many tons can be slammed from the sea to the mainland in the middle of town, and many victims are lying because the enormity of tsunami. Allahu Akbar! Allahu 'ala kulli syai'in qodiir!
Since the incident, I think why I should be afraid of losing the womb that clearly God's creation?

If it is His provision, uterus must be removed then I have to do that sincerely. Finally, in early 2005, I underwent surgical removal of the uterus steady. Previously, I tried to finish all my work. Because no one knows of my Death after did this surgery, if I death when i was at the time of surgery, at least I've fulfilled my responsibility.

Unnoticed, a month after the operation over. I live day by day with full submission. Sincerely, when i realized i couldn`t have menstruating. I lost my hope to gives younger sister to my only child.

But no denying, without a uterus in the body makes me feel worthless in front of my husband. When the brothers or relatives asked me might i have another child?  my heart feel so down. But I believe with Allah`s will.

However, this heart secretly still keep hope. Each finished the prayer, always in my Dua, "O God nothing is impossible for You to complete my physical return. Amen." I prayed while imagined the tsunami in Aceh on the television show that shows how easy it is for God to create and destroy anything if he had willed.

Two months later, a miracle occurred. Subhanallah, I am menstruating! Immediately, I see a doctor. Seeing my condition, the doctor wondered. Therefore, the blood coming out of menstrual blood really. Though medically after uterus removed is no longer possible I could menstruate, let alone pregnant. I came home and thankful for the gift that God gave. I kept saying, "Wallahu'ala kulli syai'in Qadir."

 I spent the day with gratitude, until one day my period did not come anymore. I feel sad and wonder again, whether it's time I really did not rich like other women? I went back to the doctor  and asked what happen with me, Do you know, readers? Tears are came out when I heard the doctor's diagnosis, I tested positive for pregnancy! Subhanallah! From the results of uterine and ovarian ultrasound seen me whole again without any signs of ever having a disease.Allahu Akbar. Praise, O Lord, nothing is impossible for You. Love Thy always remarkable for this self.

There`s nothing Impossible for Allah

Story from
ESK- Indonesia

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griya hobi fitriaa mengatakan...

thx ya mba nurul udh posting cerita di atas. semangat saya jd bertambah nih, agar tidak pernah putus asa dari rahmat Allah SWT.

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sama-sama mbak fitri...aku juga seneng baca ini

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