HFW Day Last (7th) : Running Errands Day

Minggu, 21 November 2010

I`m so ssorry for my late-late post, i was so busy today. Here is my style when i have to do my task as housewife, as student, as teacher on Masjid, and as myself who wanna be fashion designer :p

Sometimes getting crazy to face all day, and i choose the comfy cloth and fabric.... Loves my life...

HFW Day 6th : Date with my hubby

Sabtu, 20 November 2010

Last week i had a date with my husband.... And i got a bunch of marvellous flower. He know me very well i loves flower so much, so he gave me.

My costume for this romantic date is, black abaya which i bought when i was in saudi arabia. And also black hat.

And also this diamond bangle, i bought it in Medina, Saudi. really loves this bangle, it`s immitation though.

Love to Be Posted On Media :P

Kamis, 18 November 2010

Salam, dear!
This is old-old story that i had. I`ve done my kimono`s wearing as foreigner participants. Tsurumi`s district office was held an event for foreigner only, and i got that chance after registered.

 And then when attended my Japanese Class, my sensei (teacher) gave me tsurumi`s tabloid. Guess it what i`ve found there???? My Gosh, i was there!!!!!

Hahaha.....when i was worn by my sensei, someone catched snapshots for me hahaha....LOL.
Tsurumi news vol 2010.7-9 No.22.
Thanks for someone who putted this photo on media, wish Japanese know more about hijab, and believe that hijab also matches with kimono.

HFW Day 5 : Weekend

My style for my flavour of weekend is country theme. I love being a vintage girl as usually, LOL. Ok, let`s see my style of this session

Thoose pose looked alike `Uptown Girl` hahahaha, LOL.....I took this photo when i got lunch with my husband`s friends at Yokohama Bay. 

HFW Day 4 : Vacation

Rabu, 17 November 2010

Sorry, i post before 4AM GMT, because today i just have this time. My style for my vacation is...

This picture was taken when i went to Odaiba, Tokyo. My holiday with my husband. I didn`t make anything for this session, the cloth and hijab is from my mum as the birthday gift. Thanks Mom, Love you....

Are You Really Modest?

Salam, eveyone. Nice to see you tonight, it`s very cold in here, beginning of winter it`s chill my day...hahaha.

Today i just want make a little discuss but it`s very important for moslema`s style. Today i found a nice article from http://affiliate.purefashion.com. They talking about modesty generally, not only for hijabee. I`m so interesting to posting they version about modest guidelines in my own blog. 

Modest Guideline (Generally, not for hijabee only!)


  • The neckline should not be lower than four fingers below the collarbone.
  • The material should not be sheer, very thin, or spandex.
  • Shirts should not be tight across the bust.
  • The shape of the bra should not be seen in the back (if visible, the shirt on top is too tight).
  • The backs should be modest. For example, no strappy backs, halter, or backless garments.
  • Tank tops should be modeled only with a shirt, jacket, or sweater over them.


  • Should not be too tight, especially in the seat or thigh area.
  • Should fit well, but not be skin-tight. One should be able to pull them away from the leg.
  • Shorts should be modest. They should not be very short and/or tight. When the arms are straight down at the side, the bottom of the shorts should be below the longest finger. Remember, clothing worn by models on an elevated runway appears shorter to the audience.
  • Make sure that "panty lines" are not visible on stage. If necessary, wear pantyhose or a "thigh shaper" to create a smooth appearance in the clothing.


  • Should not be very tight fitting.
  • Should not be constructed of a material that is too thin. If necessary, wear a slip.
  • Should not be shorter than four fingers above the top of the kneecap.


  • Should follow the shirt guidelines.
  • No sleeveless, strapless, or spaghetti (or other thin strapped) dresses, even if worn with a wrap.
  • Dresses should have sleeves or be worn with a shrug.

Final Notes

Undergarments should never become outer garments. Bra straps should not be exposed, etc.

Wow, that`s amazing isn`t? But, Believe or not, Sometimes Hijabee are Extrance from Modest Rule. 

I`m still wondering when they call their fashion is modest as hijabee, but they wear something out of rule from modesty. Ever seen hijabee with Unmodest fashion? 


HFW Day 3rd : Let`s have fun, girls night out

Selasa, 16 November 2010

Actually i`m not agree with the theme, im sorry. Because, it`s similiar to non moslem who always get have fun in the night with friends or other. Wheather, it`s so wasting time to do. Sorry sista. But, i joined it :)

Actually im getting have fun with my girl`s mate in the afternoon till evening....Night, it`s time for my husband, if i were not married, my night time is for my parents or for myself to reach closer to Allah.
So, i changed the theme myself, Let`s have Fun! My style to reach have fun is

This fur scarf, i made myself. This is the detail. Also Posted on http://modestytheory.blogspot.com