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Kamis, 18 November 2010

Salam, dear!
This is old-old story that i had. I`ve done my kimono`s wearing as foreigner participants. Tsurumi`s district office was held an event for foreigner only, and i got that chance after registered.

 And then when attended my Japanese Class, my sensei (teacher) gave me tsurumi`s tabloid. Guess it what i`ve found there???? My Gosh, i was there!!!!!

Hahaha.....when i was worn by my sensei, someone catched snapshots for me hahaha....LOL.
Tsurumi news vol 2010.7-9 No.22.
Thanks for someone who putted this photo on media, wish Japanese know more about hijab, and believe that hijab also matches with kimono.

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FJ mengatakan...

salam sister nurul. are u married to a japanese? anwyay i love ur modest and authentic styles. keep it up and congratulations for being featured in that newspaper :) was wondering, do you sell your stuff/handmades?

Nurul mengatakan...

salam sister FJ, no im married w/ indonesian, but we lives in japan. Thanks sister...insha Allah...
Today im not yet sell my stuff, because im still learning, maybe someday ;))))

kreasi kikiy mengatakan...

aku mau pakeeee
buat poto duank gpp kok *norak :p

Nurul mengatakan...

hehehe....kalau ngga salah di indonesia ada yang nywain, di kampusku duiu, UI sastra jepang...biasanya kampus2 malah ada eventnya kiy

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