Vintage Hijabi

Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010

Hi, gals...sunshine still spread in my home today, but finally not really so hot, because it's autumn. Today, i wanna share about fashion...sometimes i'm always think to make design about vintage hijabi. As you know, vintage girl not use hijab. But sometimes, vintage actress also using headscarf when 1960s trend. Like this :

Sophia Loren in Headscarf

And then, what is famous in vintage fashion? Yes, as you can see the picture's bouncing skirt. You, know, i'm really love to wear bouncing skirt. Because it's cute finish and you look so romantic person. I feel like really i'm the woman when i use skirt.  Skirt is my life, and i'm really loves with skirt everywhere. 

Finally i could find vintage hijabi, this is designed by Merry Pramono. One of muslimah designer in Indonesia. I'm really loves her style. She has great idea to mix batik (Indonesian traditional cloth) with vintage style. It's new inspiration, Good Job, Merry!!!

And then, finally i use my mind to make something design to be vintage fashion. I'm not designer, don't think it, Please. But i just really fulfill my time with crafting, painting, and design my stuffs myself. I tried to make 1960s fashion. So, it's not so bouncing skirt.  But, i added the lace umbrella to make it real andyou will feel back to vintage age. Tell me how about my design?

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shiawasewohurimakuanata mengatakan...

i also like vintage hijab style:)I like the colours of the vintage head scarf 60s, the pink skirt's texture, the underskirt of the indonesian vintage style,,, and I like the flared parts of your design<3 maybe I should re-start designing for fun too:) you are always giving me ideas:)

Sweetie Garden mengatakan...

thanks salmah is hould know how beatiful headscarf 60s pattern....
you`re also^^

kreasi kikiy mengatakan...

i like vintage too ^^

Sweetie Garden mengatakan...

^^ same with me

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