Vintage And Fur

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Fur is Elegant! I think that sentence is right, when a lady while walking around with fur scarf or coat, what do you think, GLAMOUR...

My first impression is all fur in my accesories, but i tried it one by one to make it. First time, after i saw this picture from, and one of the lady catched my eyes. That's Glam!! The elegant one for me is the milky brown with fur around her neck and arm. Oh, really impressive!!!

And then, i made something around my neck. It's also usefull when fall and cold weather like here. I just bought a fur yarn, and then i crocheted with hook. I made it for 1 week, that's too long for mini scarf i've made. I was too lazy, so it took so much times to did. I don't know why, recently getting lazy, because chill arround me, don't know :)

Looks my vintage fur scarf detail, with vintage style brooch also. That's why i called fur is so elegant to wear, being a lady is one factor this is made! hehehe :p

And then, i combined it with not so long coat. It's just under waist coat, so i think that's not vintage style. Can you see the picture above? Vintage coat, almost underknees coat. And has a violin style, so it's lady style. I think this is due to japanese style. hehhehehe :D
Whatever, now i've got my fur scarf!

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kreasi kikiy mengatakan...

only for 4 season country ^_~

Sweetie Garden mengatakan...

ngga juga lho say, sekarang artis2 indonesia udah pada pede pakai berbulu2

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