Indonesian Trend Moslem Fashion 2010

Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

I feel i wanna back to Indonesia after i saw that catalogue by online. Its happening now in indonesia, there`s vintage style fashion by Tuneeca. And also i love the theme that they show, My Fair Lady. You must be know that film, was popular in 1964, musical drama in america. It`s really romantical movie. 

Can you similiar it? Between Tuneeca fashion and the original style. Yes, maybe it`s not so similiar, because moslem woman have to cover her all body and also not tight and transparant. But, i love Tuneeca designer who make muslimah more stylish to be. Tuneeca always made different design every 3 months, first time i saw it middle east theme, east meet west theme, and now is vintage theme....So lovely, isn`t it?

And also vintage theme by Tuneeca before, i forgot what was happened,  but it seems this year.
But, now there`s so many indonesian fashion produce muslimah cloth looks so vintage. You feel wanna come to Indonesia? 

Good endavours Tuneeca!

Picture taken from Tuneeca

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griya hobi fitriaa mengatakan...

cantik banget blognya mba, saya suka gambar2 fashionnya. salam kenal ^.^ saya fitria. saya sdh "follow" nih. boleh ngelink ga ke vintage muslimah?

Sweetie Garden mengatakan...

silahkan mbak fitria, makasih ya sudah mampir ^^

kreasi kikiy mengatakan...

itu acaranya di mana mba?

Sweetie Garden mengatakan...

acara yang mana kiy?

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