Being A Good Wife: Save Your Marriage

Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

Are you happy when you decide your life turn to the new life, it`s called marriage. Yes, you will happy when you get someone special, beloved one in your life and wherever you go, you`ll always beside him. Marriage is on of sunnah rasulullah SAW.

When you getting marriage you not only getting a husband, but you get a friend, a place to share, companion best ever. But you have to do one only as a wifey. Obey your husband, and then you will enter to Jannah. But only obedience in the right path.

"No obedience in what is sinful. Obedience is only in what is right." Muslim & Bukhari

What is our achievement in islamic marriage? What is your aim after getting husband?
Really, our aim only for searching Allah blessing to entering jannah, not to show on that now you have husband, and still in your oldish habit like walking with your non mahram`s friend.

Sometimes, when you are married and you`re also working in public area, it`s when men and women inside together. How to keep your relation manner with opposite sex? Just talking with them if needed, enough. Don`t make a joyfull, joke, or even share your problem`s life to the men`s partner. It will make you feel enjoy to another man, and then after that you make an affair with your partner. Naudzubillahimin dzaliik. Please don`t follow the modern woman`s habit recently, always receive call from her partner, but the calling only for joke not for job, always getting home together. It`s forbidden in Islam. Islam keep you away from the unhappiness.

Keep contact communication with your spouse, just half hour everyday. Talking your activity last day, share your problem or just make a joke with your husband . Only half hour, but it`s meaningfull.

That`s only a little lesson about being a good wife, will continued!!!

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kreasi kikiy mengatakan...

really wanna get married ^^
doain aku ya mba semoga cepet ketemu jodohku

Sweetie Garden mengatakan...

Ameen insha Allah ya kiy, ku doakan selalu. Insya Allah

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