Blue Vintage Skirt

Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

I`ve got a cut cloth pieces in hyaku en shop (all hundred yen shop). It`s cotton smocked, very cute pattern and style. Before, i want to mix with my jeans fabric, but i think that would be so harsh to combine it. Ok, i decided to make a skirt only, then i searched another fabrics with similiar colour. I found it.

So, i put the skirt with ruffle style when got trend in 60s age, it`s look so vintage when i wore it only with knit sweater. And also i putted the inner fabric to make it thicker, quiet important in this autumn and winter. I found this beautiful autumn tree beside tsurumi river, near my apartment. I took photo`s there. Love this snaps!!!

You know, i`m still find a beautiful flower in this autumn season. It`s near library near to my apartment. So colourfull indeed, makes you wanna stay there for a while. And i took snapshot there with my artificial roses. hahahaha!!!

And, when it getting colder in the night, i think much better if i go with my coat, sweater is not enough. I think that still matched with this black sporty alaskan coat.
Yes, i think to make something beatiful just need an idea. I just spent all only 600YEN (about 6 US$) include lace ribbon also.

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kreasi kikiy mengatakan...

so beautiful
make me wanna go to there ^^

*wondering : kapaan yah bisa ke jepang

Sweetie Garden mengatakan...

subhannallah...insha Allah kiy,

~Nur Zulaiha~ mengatakan...

like yr style... :D
make me think to have what u wear~~

Sweetie Garden mengatakan...

thanks nur :)
i made myself

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